First time using a Laundry delivery service? 

Here is our guide on what to expect.

How does it work?

Use the button to the right to select a Pickup Date and your treatment preferences. Our quick and easy process will have you well on your way to a stress free laundry day!

Schedule a Pick Up

Place your personalized Lux laundry bags in the designated pick up spot by 8:30am.

Don't worry, we'll send a text the night before as a reminder.​ Haven't received your Lux bags yet? Just use disposable bags on your first delivery.

Once your clothes have been freshly cleaned, we will return them to your designated drop-off spot. Neatly folded and ready to put away.

How do I get started?

Click the button to the right. Go ahead. You know you want to. Then just choose your preferences, set your pick up and drop off locations, add your payment information, and schedule your first pick up.

I don't have bags yet. What do I do?

No Lux bags on your first delivery? No problem! Just use disposable bags and we will return your clean laundry to you in our Lux personalized bags. 

How long does it take?

We guarantee your laundry will be returned to you in 2 days. You do have the option to upgrade your order to next day service service for an additional $6 fee.

Do I need to separate my clothes?

No, we sort for you! All wash and fold laundry is sorted three ways for washing (darks, whites, and delicates) – meaning your whites are never washed with colors and your delicates are never dried with your towels.

As part of our standard practices, we sort and check all garments for stains. However, it helps if you notify us of stains and special requests in your order notes. You have the option to choose other treatment options as well, including bleach whites, add softener, or use scented detergent.

How are clean clothes packed for delivery?

Our premium wash & fold treatment hangs and steams all collared shirts, blouses, and dresses at no extra charge – part of our wrinkle-free guarantee. As for the folded items, we pack like-items in individual drawer-ready bags. 

Need tips on where to leave your laundry?


Stay consistent- Leave your laundry bags in the same spot every time. This will help create a routine for our drivers, leading to better service to you.

Choose a spot that is not out in the open- If possible, place your laundry is a hidden spot. Although rare, porch theft is a thing!

Communicate with us- If you have decided to move your laundry from its regular pick up/ drop off spot, leave us a stickie note on the door so we don't think you forgot to leave it out. 


Want something extra?
Let's talk treatment details.

Our standard service includes non-scented detergent, all clothes dried in the dryer, then folded; ready to be put away with 2 day delivery.

If you'd like, we can upgrade your service in the following ways: scented detergent, bleached whites, hang and steam of select items, next day delivery, and stain treatments. Just choose what upgrades you'd like when you schedule your pick up. 

How often should I use your service?

Not sure how often to have your laundry delivered. Here are your options, we have something for everyone.

Weekly, Bi-weekly, Once in a while, and Sheets & Towels Only (great for rental properties and vacation homes!)


Let's talk Lux laundry bags!

Prior to, or on the day of, your first delivery, you will receive two of our personalized Lux Cleaning laundry bags. Nice, large bags able to hold roughly 30-40 lbs of laundry. Need more bags or just need to replace the ones you have? You can purchase them for $5 each.

Schedule a Pick Up